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Search The Way You Think is Coronado Group's blog. It's a conversation about the art and science of information and the art of finding things out.

The Art of Exploration

Innovation is the art of exploration - the art of finding stuff out, creating knowledge, having ideas, creating something new and exciting, changing the world. There is an exponentially expanding information. We create more information in a day than people accessed in a life time. Exploring should be fun not tedious and frustrating.

The Blog

Search The Way You Think is a forum to share what we think about information and innovation and what we do for a living. We write about what we believe in:

Search Outside Your Comfort Zone

Innovation comes from many places. The world of intellectual property, invention, and ideas is evolving. The tools for managing the nexus between innovation, science, engineering, and technology, and inventions, products, and new businesses is where having good information is critical. Information about where innovation comes from, who is inventing, who is inventing with whom, and what innovations are important. If innovation is going to happen, we need to be able to find things out, know who is doing interesting work, who we want to collaborate with, who shares our vision, and who are our competitors - and - we shouldn't have to pay $800 an hour to find out.

Search The Way You Think is a forum where we share what we find interesting, what gets us mad, and what's happening in the world of information. We invite you to join in the conversation and share information about your information adventures.

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