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gearsCoronado Group's focuses on the design, development, deployment, and defense of complex information solutions. We are steadfast in our belief that information systems should deliver a tangible return on the investment in time, energy, and digital resources that go into creating them. Your information systems are an integral part of your business; the technology decisions you make impact performance, profitability, productivity and success. This requires a firm that takes a comprehensive approach to engagements rather than one that simply throws technology at a problem. Our clients are unique and demand solutions that meet their needs, not ours. We are passionate about what we do, that enthusiasm translates into results. Coronado Group develops solutions that work.

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Building Solutions That Work

We analyze, design, and implement solutions and technology strategies designed to exploit the competitive significance of technological change and implement solutions in a practical and usable form. Coronado constantly monitors and assesses the technology marketplace to help its clients understand their competitors, their customers, and the markets in which they operate. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients while optimizing the capabilities of a vast array of technologies and products. We achieve this goal by focusing on the needs of the user rather than by simply throwing technology at a productivity or computing problem.

Representative Projects

USPTO Pre-Grant Patent Classification - Coronado Group is the solutions architect, systems integrator and developer of the digital business process and workflow system to support the outsourced pre-grant publication classification of patent applications for the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This secure system supports receipt of image file wrappers and supporting documentation, automatic extraction and classification of the content using latent semantic analysis and advanced custom analytics, and automated application routing to the appropriate patent examination and classification work groups. Coronado Group supported the FISMA-compliant Authority to Operate (ATO) process to insure higlyh secure protection and need to patent applications and agency operational data.

US Census of Agriculture - Coronado Group designed, developed, and deployed the automated data capture and image storage and retrieval system to support the Census of Agriculture for the US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). This application supports automated collection of hand-printed data from over 1.8 million census forms covering 12 geographic regions of the country. The system created 2.5 million new images pages a week and captured data from over 109,000 unique fields and 528 unique bar codes achieving an accuracy rate of 99.5% at the field level. Image copies of survey forms are linked to the agency's SAS based statistical analysis system to support direct access to source data by economics and statisticians and are available to personnel in USDA offices in all 50 states.

Notice of Personnel Action System (e-50) – The e-50 transitioned a federal agency with over 15,000 employees from a paper-based notification and filing system to a digital image and workflow based environment. The agency lowered its cost from $15.00 per transaction to less than $0.50 per transaction for a cost savings of over 97% with same day delivery of the electronic SF-50 form collapsing processing time from an average of 20 days after the pay period ends to only a few minutes in most cases. Using the employee self-service features of the Human Resources (HR) portal, employees can find and print their own copies of SF-50s without having to a request for a copy through the HR office. The system is tailored to provide customized access based on employee location and internet access. Headquarters and field personnel with access to the HR portal and agency email have direct web-based portal access, field personnel without agency email use a personal internet email account to receive a secure copy of their documents, while employees who have no email or who have left the agency still receive a paper copy for their records.

Engineering Change and Configuration Control Board -- Coronado Group designed a workflow based engineering change process to support the Architectural Working Group and Capital Planning and Investment. Review of engineering change requests, new information technology projects, and on-going projects was integrated into comprehensive environment used to distribute information, schedule review meetings, track actions that were deferred or required further documentation or analysis, allows on-line voting for standard transactions reducing the need for meetings by committee members providing a high level of control over the process and simplified information access.