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wiresCoronado Group's focuses on the design, development, deployment, and defense of complex information solutions. We are steadfast in our belief that information systems should deliver a tangible return on the investment in time, energy, and digital resources that go into creating them. Your information systems are an integral part of your business; the technology decisions you make impact performance, profitability, productivity and success. This requires a firm that takes a comprehensive approach to engagements rather than one that simply throws technology at a problem. Our clients are unique and demand solutions that meet their needs, not ours. We are passionate about what we do, that enthusiasm translates into results. Coronado Group develops solutions that work.

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Today's technological environment is characterized by products that cover a seemingly unlimited spectrum of functionality, size, features, and price. As a result, a clear, technical challenge exists when integrating diverse computer and communications environments with the relentless array of new and emerging technologies. Successfully integrating these technologies into business processes requires knowledge of both the technology and its practical application in a user environment.

The Coronado Group offers its integration and technology consulting services to organizations seeking to add new technology to their information systems architecture, and to technology developers and systems integrators seeking assistance in building effective information solutions, assessing the value of their intellectual property holdings, and evaluating their products and product strategies. The Coronado Group specializes in helping its clients formulate and implement effective information systems strategies.

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