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personal audio patent imageCoronado Group's focuses on the design, development, deployment, and defense of complex information solutions. We are steadfast in our belief that information systems should deliver a tangible return on the investment in time, energy, and digital resources that go into creating them. Your information systems are an integral part of your business; the technology decisions you make impact performance, profitability, productivity and success. This requires a firm that takes a comprehensive approach to engagements rather than one that simply throws technology at a problem. Our clients are unique and demand solutions that meet their needs, not ours. We are passionate about what we do, that enthusiasm translates into results. Coronado Group develops solutions that work.


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Solutions for the New Intellectual Property Marketplace

Coronado Group's intellectual property practice started simply enough - what patent licenses did our clients need to bring their new technology to market. In the course of doing freedom to operate technical due diligence we were steeped in the structure and content of patents. As experts in search and digital content management we started building analytics for ourselves to reduce the pain of finding and analyzing intellectual property. Engagements as expert witnesses and IP market analysts coupled with rebuilding old school technology as part of patent litigations and we were hooked. Then we got our hands on the digital versions of millions of patents and started building tools the way we would use them, the way technology entrepreneurs, enlightened patent attorneys and agents, inventors, investors, and product managers needed access to this information. We combined our solutions engineering, digital content management, and experience with new and emerging technology to build 21st century intellectual property solutions and deliver the kind of IP support services Coronado Group needs when we help our clients make product and technology decisions

Coronado Group understands patents, trade secrets, inventions, and the processes, data, mechanics and systems that drive today's intellectual property marketplace. Coronado Group is the information technology and analytics services firm for the new intellectual property marketplace. Learn More =>

Representative Projects

Coronado IP - Coronado Group's on-demand on-line conceptual based patent search and analysis tool. Learn More =>

Pre-Grant Publication Intelligent Patent Classification - Coronado Group is the solutions architect, systems integrator and developer of the digital business process and workflow system to support the outsourced pre-grant publication classification of patent applications for the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This secure system supports receipt of image file wrappers and supporting documentation, automatic extraction and classification of the content using latent semantic analysis and advanced custom analytics, and automated application routing to the appropriate patent examination and classification work groups. Coronado Group supported the FISMA-compliant Authority to Operate (ATO) process to insure highly secure protection and need to patent applications and agency operational data.

Substantial New Question (SNQ) of Patentability - Coronado Group has supported a number of clients in developing SNQ strategies to support requests for patent reexamination and enforcement actions.

Freedom to Operate and Market Impact Analysis - Coronado Group's IP analysts provide a range of freedom to operate (FTO) services including assessment of IP go to market strategies and providing analysis of the market impact of newly granted patents and published patent applications.

Patent Classification Services - Coronado Group's IP team analyzes client's draft patent claims and patent specifications to determine the likely set of US Patent Classification (USPC) and International Patent Classifications (IPC) that would be assigned to the patent application at USPTO. This help clients gain insight into which Technology Center and Group Art Unit at USPTO is likely to be assigned the patent for examination and the universe of prior art that USPTO will review based on these classifications. This provides insight into the likely prior art that USPTO will look and the impact of claim construction prior to submission of patent applications to USPTO. Learn More =>

Business Methods Patents - Coronado's IP Analysts are experts in Business Methods Patents. Our team has worked with USPTO on the definition of USPTO Class 705 organization and the art that falls into the business methods examination groups at USPTO. The team has classified and reviewed over 11,000 business methods patent and has deep insight into the nuances of these patents and the potential impact of upcoming changes to these types of patents as a result of the 2011 American Invents Act.

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