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cyber defense imageCoronado Group's focuses on the design, development, deployment, and defense of complex information solutions. We are steadfast in our belief that information systems should deliver a tangible return on the investment in time, energy, and digital resources that go into creating them. Your information systems are an integral part of your business; the technology decisions you make impact performance, profitability, productivity and success. This requires a firm that takes a comprehensive approach to engagements rather than one that simply throws technology at a problem. Our clients are unique and demand solutions that meet their needs, not ours. We are passionate about what we do, that enthusiasm translates into results. Coronado Group develops solutions that work.

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Cybersecurity, Governance and Best Practice

Defending and protecting your information assets in cyberspace requires understanding of three important disciplines: cyber security; digital governance; and, standards and best practice. Coronado Group is experienced in all three of these areas. A firm's digital assets are covered by an increasingly interconnected web of legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements. Organizations face new reputational and economic risks directly related to how they create, distribute and manage their digital assets.

Cyber Security

Coronado Group takes a proactive approach to cyber defense by designing and building in security before the programming starts. We provide cyber defense advisory services focused on cyber security, threat analysis and deterrence, agile and resilient cyber strategies and frameworks, and emerging computer architectures. Coronado Group has implemented classified information systems and systems designed to manage privileged and highly sensitive trade secret and digital intellectual property. Learn the Three New Rules of Cyber Security.

Coronado Group delivers proactive cyber security using self-cleaning intrusion tolerant (SCIT) technology. This technology is designed for today's virtualized web and cloud based solutions. SCIT continuously returns servers to a pristine state removing malware, viruses, evicting virtual insiders, and providing heightened visibility on sophisticated attackers while protecting your most important digital assets. Learn More =>

Governance and Compliance

Information technology is a critical corporate resource must meet increasing regulatory, statutory, and legal scrutiny. Coronado has extensive experience in melding information technology and business process governance into information solutions that help mitigate IT risk and reduction of reputational damage.

Standards and Best Practice

Coronado Group builds standards and best practice compliant solutions that address a wide range of overlapping and complex IT standards and best practice protocols. Our solutions engineers have experience in privacy regulations, management of personally identifiable information (PII), HIPPA, Federal Desktop Standards, 5015.2 compliant records management solutions, Electronic Information Accessibility (Section 508), FISMA and NIST 800 standard.

Representative Projects

Cyber Security

Moving Target Defense Cyber Security Services -- Coronado delivers a range of services focused on cyber security, threat analysis and deterrence, agile and resilient cyber strategies and frameworks, and emerging computer architectures. Learn More About Moving Target Defense

Proactive Moving Target Cybersecurity -- Coronado Group designs and delivers self-cleaning intrusion tolerance based solutions using patent technology from SCIT Labs., a leading technology advisory firm. Read Our Whitepaper

Vector Based Insider Threat Tools - Coronado is developing demonstration technology that uses mathematical vector models of insider normal band information system behavior in conjunction with advanced latent semantic analysis technology to provide new techniques for detecting, monitoring, and mediating malicious insider behavior. Read Our Whitepaper.

FISMA and NIST Compliant Systems Architecture and Software Design - Coronado's systems engineers and solutions architects are skilled in the design, development, and deployment of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and NIST 800 compliant information systems.

Cyber Security and Security-Aware Software Development - Coronado Group provides consulting and training services to help organizations building Cloud and Web based software to address cyber threats and the need for cyber secure code during software development. This work focuses on cyber threats, proactive and reactive system architectures, attack strategies, vulnerabilities in embedded, cloud, and mobile systems. Coronado Group offers customized training for solutions engineers and programming teams.

Credential and Information Access Control -- Coronado Group designed an integrated workflow
environment to support credential verification and system access controls. This system allowed system access controls to be automated and audited tightening controls between the clearance and security personnel and the information technology staff responsible for granting information and system access. As security profiles change system access is automatically reconfigured accordingly. This provided the agency with simplified access management protocols while improving information security and auditing capabilities.

Governance and Standards Compliance

FISMA and NIST 800 - Coronado's engineers are experienced in all aspects of information assurance (IA) best practice and obtaining authority to operate (ATO) across a wide range of system architectures and information technology missions.

DOD 5015.2 Compliant Records Systems - Design and develop 5015.2 compliant records systems and procedures including working with JTICS to help organizations design customized solutions that meet the defacto industry standard for records and digital artifact management.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant Records Management - Designed and implemented a document control and records management system for a major telecommunications and cable provider. This digital and physical document control environment linked to the firm's internal controls systems to support compliance.

Section 508 Electronic Equipment Accessibility - Design software and hardware compliant systems to facilitate access to complex business systems by individuals with disabilities. Developed compliance procedures to insure that Section 508 compliance was maintained as new features are introduced and the system changes over time.