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Coronado Group's focuses on the design, development, deployment, and defense of complex information solutions. We are steadfast in our belief that information systems should deliver a tangible return on the investment in time, energy, and digital resources that go into creating them. Your information systems are an integral part of your business; the technology decisions you make impact performance, profitability, productivity and success. This requires a firm that takes a comprehensive approach to engagements rather than one that simply throws technology at a problem. Our clients are unique and demand solutions that meet their needs, not ours. We are passionate about what we do, that enthusiasm translates into results. Coronado Group develops solutions that work.

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Managing Your Digital Information Assets

Coronado Group's engineers know how to deliver systems in a useable and practical form. Coronado Group is uniquely qualified to support you in assessing your technical and functional requirements, selecting technology and defining development requirements, building enterprise-wide work process and storage strategies and helping you determine the best workflow and digital business process approach for your firm. All of the firm's engineers have hands on experience designing and installing digital content based business process systems. We know how to minimize the risk in transitioning to new technology while insuring that you get the best combination of technology and work processes to meet your specific business needs.

Representative Projects

Intelligent Conceptual Search Tools - Coronado builds records and document management systems that let you search through the text in your digital assets based on the concepts they contain, not just the words. Users can construct a search by simply copying and pasting or importing documents similar to what they are looking for and the search tool returns documents ranked by how close they are to what you are looking for. This lets the user propose a single complex query across the enterprise to find the documents they need without having to know exactly what they are looking for.

Strategic Records Management Plans - Coronado Group developed comprehensive digital and physical records management plans for Albemarle County and Culpeper County in Virginia. This effort included a complete records and technology inventory, development of cost benefit analysis and acquisition plans for presentation to County executive management, and a support of County executives and records managers in transitioning from manual records procedures to 5015.2 compliant records environments.

Mobile Records Management – Coronado implemented mobile records tracking and control systems using both wireless and RF technology to support tracking and control of physical records. This system supported mobile bar code tracking and creation, mobile reporting and inventory of record assets, and interface to leading records management software using Windows technology on the handheld devices.

Electronic Freedom of Information Act (EFOIA) Case Manager -- Coronado Group has designed and developed an Electronic Freedom of Information Act Case Manager and Document Manager Environment. This web based solution supports comprehensive management of FOIA requests from original receipt through release. It supports redaction and classification of redactions for protection of confidential and privacy act information allowing agencies to protect their confidential and proprietary information while enhancing its ability to release public information to its constituents. Coronado Group's engineers have extensive experience on all aspects of FOIA and Privacy Act compliance, reporting, and business process for implementation of streamlined FOIA and public information disclosure business processes.

Case Management System -- Coronado was engaged to design, develop, and deploy an
advanced digital image-based case management environment. The agency transitioned its inventory of paper-based case files to a secure digital repository. The case management environment includes the conversion of 30 years of paper case files. The system incorporates imaging,workflow, automated data capture, full-text search and retrieval, and advanced security and access auditing functions.

E-mail Archiving Project – Coronado Group was retained to develop strategies to preserve and archive e-mail data for key C-level executives, legal staff, and program managers. Coronado Group developed the functional, technical, and systems requirements to incorporate commercial off the shelf DOD 5015.2 records management technology to automatically archive, categorize, and manage the disposition of e-mail generated by the professional and federal appointee staff. Coronado provided technology assessment assistance as well as implementation assistance to enable the organization to manage and control e-mails with a large number of recipients, with a diverse population of attachments, and complex interrelationships between internally created and externally created e-mail. This system supported desktop retrieval of e-mails to support prosecutorial, regulatory, and litigation based use of the documents.