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Finding the Right Product and the Right Market is 90% of the Challenge.

The essence of formulating a competitive strategy is relating a firm to its environment... its customers, its competitors, the industry structure of the markets in which it participates, the factors that drive change in a company's products, pricing, and approach to the marketplace. Competitive advantage is created when a firm understands its place in the technology marketplace and how to use its advantages to maintain a leadership position in its market.

Coronado Group provides a range of technical systems analysis, and business and marketing modeling services to assist its clients in understanding their customers, the markets in which they participate and the moves of their competitors. We help you see the market the way they do. We develop and refine your competitor offerings, configurations, and systems architectures. We assess the solutions likely to be offered by targeted competitors, and identify new competitors and their impact in a competitive environment. We can help you determine your next move by providing the intelligence on what your competitors are doing with their technology, their customers, their products and their pricing.

We review the specific technology and business requirements to assist our clients in determining how these fit into the overall evaluation framework laid out by their customers. Who are your customers, why are they buying your technology products, and how can you best satisfy them. Coronado supports its clients by developing business and pricing models and reflects alternative implementation strategies, technology costs, that program costs to the technology provider and to the customer.

Our goal is to neutralize uncertainty in the dynamic climate of the business of technology.

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