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Intellectual Property

The Information Architecture of Intellectual Property

Coronado Group has been focused on new and emerging technology since its founding in 1991. Intellectual property and the data and information systems that support innovation and inventive activity are an inherent part of the company's DNA.

Coronado Group's intellectual property practice started simply enough - find the patent licenses our clients need to bring their new technology to market. In the course of doing freedom to operate technical due diligence we were steeped in the structure and content of patents. As experts in search and digital content management we started building analytics for ourselves to reduce the pain of finding and analyzing intellectual property. A few engagements as expert witnesses and IP market analysts coupled with rebuilding old school technology as part of patent litigations and we were hooked. Then we got our hands on the digital versions of millions of patents and started building tools the way we would use them, the way technology entrepreneurs, enlightened patent attorneys and agents, inventors, investors, and product managers wanted access to this information.

We combined our solutions engineering, digital content management, and advanced digital intelligence experience with new and emerging technology to build 21st century intellectual property solutions and deliver the kind of IP support services Coronado Group needs when we help our clients make product and technology decisions. Coronado Group understands patents, trade secrets, inventions, and the processes, data, mechanics and systems that drive today's intellectual property marketplace. Coronado Group is the information technology and analytics services firm for the new intellectual property marketplace.

The Content and Context of Intellectual Assets

Coronado understands the content and context of the documents and data required from idea to invention and through the patent life - how ideas become intellectual property and how intellectual property becomes an important intangible asset. Our experts understand the information architecture of the intellectual property. Whether it's an initial invention disclosure, analysis of a file history, finding and automating creation of information disclosures or helping our clients figure out the art unit likely to work on a patent, we understand the information architecture for creating and managing intellectual property.

Search, Research, and Patent Analytics - An Intelligence Approach

Coronado executes a range of search and research projects for its clients. Our deep understanding of the US and international patent classification systems and the extensive data sets used by USPTO and other National agencies in the intellectual property domain enable us to perform advanced patent and invention analytics.

Coronado's focus on innovation and inventive activity in combination with skills acquired supporting law enforcement and intelligence customers enable us to bring a unique perspective to intellectual property informatics. We approach our client's analysis and research projects in the same way we look at understanding a complex intelligence question. We build social networks of inventors, examiners, intellectual property professionals and the companies that participate in the target innovations of interest to our clients, identify the relationships between companies, products and inventions; then we craft an analysis that provides both insight and actionable information to create intellectual property competitive advantage.

Intelligent Search to Answer Important Questions

Coronado has created comprehensive intelligent and conceptual search tools used to automate the exploration of patent information. Coronado IP uses latent semantic analysis, advanced entity extraction, and subject matter specific indices and our proprietary data repositories, Coronado helps its clients answer important questions about their intellectual property and that of their partners and competitors. Whether it's defining the range of a particular suite of patents or assisting in freedom to operate decisions, or exploring a substantial new question of patentability, Coronado can help its clients answer important questions to support their intellectual property decision-making.

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Extraordinarily Skilled in the Art

Coronado's engineers have been retained to build and recreate digital artifacts to support patent infringement and invalidity research. We have reviewed source code to determine validity or invalidity. Our team is extraordinarily skilled in the art of understanding the content of a specification and assisting inventors and researchers in understanding how the invention is built. Our experience includes reviews of invention disclosures to determine both prior art and build around alternatives based on the content of granted patents and published patent applications.

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