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Coronado Group's engineers deploy new and emerging technology to solve problems. Here is the latest on Coronado Group's Innovation Initiatives.


coronado ip search the way you think

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Cognition IP is Coronado Group’s an on-demand, on-line, self-directed suite of intelligent search and analytical tools for intellectual property research and IP asset and portfolio management. Cognition IP’s state of the art patent content classification and conceptual search technology are designed to let you search the way you think.

With Cognition IP there’s no need to reduce complex ideas into a few words. Copy and paste the text that describes what you are looking for into the Cognition IP concept search box and hit search. Use an invention disclosure, a journal article, patents, patent applications, product literature, user manuals, grant applications, the results of basic research, your notes, a research strategy, or any combination of documents that define what you are looking for. Cognition IP’s search engine finds, ranks, and returns the patents that are conceptually and semantically closest to the search source. Cognition IP is an intelligent search tool designed to understand a complex intellectual property question and return robust yet highly refined results in a single search. Cognition IP searches based on concepts and ideas - not just words. Cognition IP reduces the time, effort, expense and complexity of conducting intellectual property search and invention management tasks.

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Proactive Cyber Defense

Moving Target Self Regenerative Cyber Defense

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Coronado Group, Ltd. a leading provider of systems based on new and emerging technology and SCIT Labs, an innovative research and development firm delivering technologies that address the need call for new approaches to information security and survivability based have partnered to deliver transformational cyber security products and services that deliver proactive approaches using self-regenerative and recover with immunity technology.

SCIT allows information systems to dynamically recover with immunity in mission time without human intervention in response to unforeseen error and/or previously unknown cyber attacks. SCIT uses patented technology in conjunction with virtualization to defeat cyber attacks. SCIT robs adversaries of surveillance and intelligence gathering by limiting their presence to very short intervals while continuously replacing the operating system, device drivers, and application software with a pristine environment. To intruders the network appears static while operationally the environment is continuously rotated through a series of “clean” servers without requiring rebooting or making modifications to existing security protocols and practices. This approach provides enhanced adversary denial and deception.

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Insider Threat

Monitoring the Entire Picture

insider threat visualization Coronado Group is building a mathematical and contextual-based security index of insider behavior. This tool leverages the extensive collections of audit logs, event logs, and access control and monitoring data found on enterprise systems to build multi-dimensional mathematical representations of user behavior within their defined "normal band" permission set. Using user behavior vectors this tool detects when insiders behavior "drifts" within their permission band and uses advanced analytics to determine if these shifts may indicate malicious behavior.

insider threat visualization 2 This effort addresses one of the hardest cyber security problems - how to detect, mitigate, and minimize the impact of malicious insiders and credential-holding virtual insiders. It uses proactive methods to gain greater insight into permissioned insiders that help identify when behavior becomes a threat so that security personnel are alerted to potential threats.

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Coronado Radiology

Intelligent Search for Answering Clinical Questions in Diagnostic Imaging

spine xray image Coronado Group, Ltd. is building an intelligent search tool that supports enhanced investigative search and information retrieval for radiologists, clinicians, and medical researchers. This work is focused on answering clinical questions in the diagnostic imaging domain.

Coronado Radiology enables users to pose a single query that addresses a complex patient question. The intelligent search engine finds, ranks, and returns the documents that are conceptually and semantically closest to the user's query. Searches are executed using a simple interface using a wide range of textual information - a textual explanation of a problem; the content of a journal article, manuscript, news story; animage interpretation, radiology report; text data from a clinical trial, or any combination of these sources that represent a clinician's query. This allows searcher to enter all of the information about a complex issue or a new discovery in a clinical trial to explore the searchable document database without having to distill complex ideas or problems into keywords and Boolean search strings (and, or, not), users simply copy and paste the text or documents that best represent their problem into the search box. This approach removes search bias and avoids embellishment resulting in better results. A clinician or researcher poses a single search that understands the question and receive a comprehensive answer containing the most relevant peer-reviewed authoritative information.

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