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how it all began

hotel del coronado

A long time ago, Arleen and Vinny went West in search of the latest technology to build cool new things for the huge technology giant for whom they worked. They visited technology people in garages, seismically retrofitted buildings, and hotel lobbies. They had Mountain Dew with an engineer in the Rockies who unlocked the mystery of large scale tape subsystems and looked at outrageously advanced new technology in Arizona.

They explored the boundaries of the technology frontier in their relentless search for all that was new and exciting. At the end of the trip they found themselves sitting on the deck at the spectacular Hotel Del Coronado in beautiful Coronado, California, reminiscing about the trip, the fun they'd have with the guys back in R&D when they brought the new toys home, and how nothing accelerates faster or handles corners better than a rented car.

As the sun set in the West and the Navy Seals ran by they wondered if maybe they should give this a try on their own. They could travel the world building cool solutions for their own customers and not have to go to any more of those meetings on the 14th floor. (You corporate guys get the drift.) So in February 1991 the Coronado Group was born; named after that auspicious beginning at the Hotel Del.