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Coronado IP and Freedom To Operate

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Coronado IP is a powerful tool to add to your due diligence arsenal. Product managers, developers, inside counsel, and risk management executives can use Coronado IP's self-directed search and analysis capability throughout the product development life cycle. Coronado IP can help you find the patents you need to license before your product launch or explore design options and work arounds before the cease and desist letter arrives.

Use product design documents, engineering specifications, draft product literature, new compounds and formulas, and technical manuals to search for patents. Coronado IP makes it easier to search outside your comfort zone letting you dig into specialties outside your area of expertise. Across industries and technical boundaries to all the patents that are important to your product development plans. As technology converges Coronado IP will let you stay ahead of the technology curve.

Standards Development Organizations (SDO) can use draft standard language and technical material from participating stakeholders to look for essential patents. Use Coronado IP's comprehensive conceptual and semantic search will streamline requests for intellectual property by allowing SDO members to cut the time, expense, and complexity of finding patents needed for licensing pools or to find workarounds and alternatives.

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