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The Three New Rules of Cyber Security

Intrusions Are Inevitable

Hacking isn't for amateurs anymore. Professional cyber crime and cyber espionage organizations use increasingly complex and sophisticated methods to get access to your most important digital assets. Intrustions are inevitable.

A proactive approach to cyber security is required. You need more than firewalls, digital fences, and security event monitors to protect your digital assets from today's hackers. Coronado Group delivers threat independent cyber defense solutions that don't require prior knowledge of threats; reduce server exposure time by continuously restoring servers to a pristine state; and support resilient, unattended recovery maintaining uninterrupted service.

Coronado Group delivers Moving Target Defense that simplifies cyber security and addresses most zero day vulnerabilities while providing a range of tools for forensic analysis, support of unattended compromised server handling, and tools that enhanced monitoring without having to increase your workload.

Intruders Are In Your Environment for a Long Time

Once an adversary gains access to your system they stick around. The Verizon DBIR 2010 report confirms significant intruder residence time. Compromise to discovery times were more than 24 hours 89% of the time. The time from discovery to containment was more than one day for over 87% of the intrusions.

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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Current cyber security strategies are based on a priori knowledge of an attack's signature. It's the cyber security Catch 22 - if you don't know the signature you don't know if a hacker is attacking until you know about the signature.

With SCIT, Self-Cleaning Intrusion Tolerance you don't need to know about the signature of an attack. SCIT continuously removes anything that doesn't belong on your servers and returns them to a pristine state. You don't have to wait for someone to get into your system to get the out of your system.

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