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Coronado IP is Coronado Group's on-demand, on-line self directed suite of intelligent search and analytical tools for intellectual property research and IP asset and portfolio management. Coronado IP supports dynamic and fluid searching letting you use your own words to describe what you are looking for. Coronado IP's conceptual search technology and state of the art patent content classification algorithms let you search the way you think.

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Copy, Paste, Search

With Coronado IP there's no need to turn complex idea into keywords to search. Just copy and paste (or import) text that describes what you are looking for into Coronado IP and click SEARCH. Coronado IP's search engine finds, ranks, and returns the patents that are conceptually and semantically closest to what you entered. It is an intelligent search tool designed to understand a complex intellectual property question and return robust yet highly refined results in a single search.

Find Patents Faster - Reduce Research Cost

There is no need to distill complex scientific and technical materials into a list of words, synonyms, or meta data tags. You don't need a Boolean strings of ands, ors, and nots or a search strategy to start. The copy, paste and import features let you start your searches faster without the need for complex search strategies. Search the entire patent database regardless of scientific, technical, or engineering domain in a single search.

Wheel Reinvention Prevention

Under the new US Patent and Trademark Office first to file rules, inventors will need to evaluate invention disclosures faster, make patentability decisions sooner, and draft better patent applications. Coronado IP helps you confirm that new discoveries are novel inventions, find better prior art, and develop more comprehensive patent applications more efficiently and at a lower cost. Conceptual scoring helps identify whether the information used for a search is novel or if it is closely semantically and textually linked to another patent. Clusters of high scores with little differentiation between the content of the search and the patents Coronado IP returns highlight patent thickets. Low scores indicate that the content may be novel.

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Unbiased Invention Assessment

Because there is no need to translate an inventor's description of the invention into keywords search bias is removed. The nuanced language an investigator uses to describe a new complex discovery can be used exactly the way it was written eliminating the risk of losing the subtle meaning of the words or the power of the invention.

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Confront Convergence - Search Outside Your Comfort Zone

Convergence of technology and the accelerating pace of creating of complex digital scientific and technical materials make executing a comprehensive patent search daunting. Coronado IP lets you combine disparate information to explore a hunch or investigate a new idea.

Coronado IP is designed to work with gigabytes of search information. This means you can enter complex information to answer complex research and development issues. Enter information about diagnostic imaging and contract agents and electronics in a single search. Enter information about polymers and computer displays. Enter information about sensors and mobile devices to find the smoke detecting cell phone.

Search Using Documents Not Keywords

Use whole documents to search. Use an invention disclosure, a journal article, patents, your notes, a grant application, your notes, text you search into the Coronado IP search box, a product description - any document that defines what you are looking for.

Coronado IP removes the need to know the detailed lexicon of specialties to execute a successful search. Because all of the concepts in all of the patents are searchable using its powerful conceptual search engine, you can explore how processes work in different domains without having to know the exact words that describe what you are looking for.

An Advanced Digital Workspace

Coronado IP incorporates a customizable analyst desktop that lets you create your own personalized digital workspace. Its docable panels, detachable windows and configurable single and multi-display user interface lets you configure your digital workspace to match how you work.

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Search The Way You Think!