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How Do You Find the Right Wafer?

All Wafers Are Not Alike

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Silicon Wafers and Sugar Wafers

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Learn More About How To Use Coronado IP for Complex IP Search

Confections Or Semiconductors?

Coronado IP makes it easier to find prior art even when the patents are hiding. Coronado IP is less susceptible to the use of overly broad vocabulary and patent drafting techniques that allow an inventor to be their own lexicographer.

Coronado IP Understands the Language of Patents

Coronado IP knows the difference between a wafer in a computer and a wafer in the pantry. It knows that a doctor is a physician. It knows that terms used to describe a method or process change over time.

Coronado IP knows all the scientific synonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, and contextual use rules without requiring ontologies or thesaurus. It knows a chair and a table are kinds of furniture; the phrase musical instrument includes guitars; and that trees occur in nature and in software all without you having to construct complex search strings.

Coronado IP understands all of the semantic and conceptual components of a patent beyond just the description of the invention itself. Coronado IP uses the background of the invention, changes in the words used to describe similar processes that occur over time, and the rules for creation of a set of claims, among other techniques, to create the conceptual linkage between the inventor's broad description of their invention and how others describe similar techniques, methods, and apparatus.