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jefferson memorialCoronado Group designs, builds, and supports solutions for document and data intense business processes. The firm provides solution engineering and consulting services in the areas of complex document management, document and information access, electronic and conventional content and records management, knowledge systems, document and information search, document exploitation, imaging, workflow, and advanced capture.

Coronado Group's reputation is built upon its outstanding cadre of solutions engineers and information technology professionals. Their credentials reflect Coronado Group's special focus and extraordinary understanding of the application and implementation of technology to assist our clients in meeting their mission objectives.



clockwork gearsHow do you spot a rising star in new and emerging technology? What makes a company and its technology stand out? It is the ability to create a solution that eclipses the competition, offer real value to the people who invest in it, and achieve new levels of customer and constituent satisfaction. Coronado understands the art and science of innovation.

Coronado constantly monitors and assesses the technology marketplace to help its clients understand the information technology outlook for their business, their competitors, and their customers and constituents. Our solution engineers focus on studying and responding to the needs of users. We analyze, design, and implement solutions and deliver strategies designed to exploit the competitive significance of technological change. We focus on the practical application of technology and new and emerging technology discoveries to deliver the promise and power of information solutions.


Since 1991, Coronado Group has worked with its clients to deliver solutions that provide a clear competitive advantage and create value in computing. Coronado Group monitors new and emerging technology to find out what it offers and where it can be best applied to deliver enhanced utility and productivity. Our focus on the value of technology as well as how it works gives our clients the upper hand in determining which new or emerging technology is worth their investment. Coronado's singular focus is on our clients.

The Coronado Group's solutions deliver utility and performance gains protecting investments in existing technology and user productivity. We focus on the needs of the user and the organization rather than throwing technology at productivity and computing problems.


zen stone pictureA clear technical challenge exists when integrating diverse computer and communications environments with the relentless array of new and emerging application technologies. It requires knowledge of both the technology and its practical application. Today's information technology landscape features products and solutions covering a limitless spectrum of functionality, features, size, and price. Add a staggering array of implementation strategies, regulatory and legal requirements, and best practices alternatives as you face the daunting task of striking the right balance of technology and business processes.

Coronado Group meets the needs of our clients by optimizing the capabilities of a vast array of technology and components. We are committed to a balanced approach to integrate these technologies and ensure its practical application to enhance user productivity and satisfaction.


Standout technology is more than just good engineering and a good idea. It is creating a solution that eclipses the competition and offers real value to the people who use it. Coronado's extensive experience across the spectrum of new and emerging information technology results in a deep understanding of how to synthesize hardware, software, and business process expertise into transformational solutions.

Coronado Group is a proactive partner in delivering solutions that meet today's technological challenges. Coronado Group has the vision and the skill to transform your ideas and requirements into tangible, transformational solutions. We would welcome the opportunity to support you in creating value in computing.